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We are pleased to offer residential mortgages for our esteemed, diverse clientele. In addition to purchase and refinancing, we offer asset depletion, cross-collateralization, and bank statement programs. We can also offer home equity loans for primary, secondary, and investment properties, as well as direct vesting into revocable, irrevocable, and blind trusts.

FHA, VA, and Foreign National/Visa Permitted Residents are some of the many special products included in our portfolio. 


A mortgage is much more than a loan. It is a long-term investment strategy to secure future wealth. So whether you are a traditional wage earner, or have a complex income situation, we have a variety of tools and customizable programs at our disposal to ensure we find the right mortgage, with the right strategy, to fit your needs.


Welcome home.

residential mortgages


commercial mortgages

From A-paper to SBA lending to bridge loans, we consult on a wide array of commercial products to suit our clients' needs, including financing for multi-family (5+) units, retail locations, office buildings, and industrial ​properties with loan amounts up to $1 billion. 

The sky is the limit.

From the established almond grower in need of some new equipment, to the ambitious prospector buying an orchard out in the country, the entrepreneur looking to make use of cannabis, or even the worldly sommelier growing grapes for his or her private vineyard, the Mortgage Concierge has the financing options to suit your agricultural needs.

So take a deep breath, and enjoy the fresh air. 



We can provide financing for land acquisition, speculative construction projects, remodeling, and full development of homes, buildings, and even hotels, all with flexible draw schedules.

If you can build it, we can finance it.

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